Thursday, October 13, 2005

Seeking Lost

"The Dharma Initiative was created in 1970, and it is the brainchild of Gerald and Karen DeGroot -- two doctoral candidates at the University of Michigan. Following in the footsteps of visionaries such as B.F. Skinner [there is a jump cut/splice here] imagined a large scale communal research compound where scientists and free thinkers from around the globe could pursue research in meteorology, psychology, parapsychology, zoology, electromagnetism, and utopian social [splice] Danish industrialist and munitions magnate Alvar Hanso whose financial backing made their dream of a multi-purpose social science research facility a reality."
--Dharma Initiative, 3 of 6, the Swan, Orientation Film, LOST

With the most recent episode I wanted to reveal a few things to my faithful readers. The television show LOST on ABC has an expanding enigma, and frankly I welcome any discussion on the possibilities of the show, from pure speculation to repetitive facts. I have included some great LOST sites below.

Oceanic Air

Hanso Foundation

The Dharma Initiative

What I want to know is: How do I log in to the Initiative site???

OH! And there were 42 survivors. The back section had 23 survivors. Guessing that the back of the plane hit first, maybe the numbers indicate groups that have been brought to the island over time: 8 - 4 - 15 - 16 - 23- 42. Just a thought. If any commentors would be kind enough to list significant uses of The Numbers within LOST. Maybe there's a pattern... maybe.

Also, for any of you that are fans of Arrested Development on FOX (easily one of the funniest, most intelligent comedies I've ever seen)... I have found the following link for you.

I'm Oscar .com

Friday, October 07, 2005

Mind is the Builder

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything.
What we think, we become."

--Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

"Spirit is life. Mind is the builder, and the Physical is the result."
--Edgar Cayce

May we, when woefully lost, learn from the wise.

Recently, and for some time, I can say that I have suffered some turmoil of soul, and despite my own intelligence, understanding, and wisdom, I play the fool as I continue to traverse poorly. Oh the hypocricy of myself to fail to act on my senses and the glean of insight given by God only due to fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

But alas there are still lessons to be learned, and as I dip in and out of blindness, I often lose sight of greater things. And so in the meanderings of my own circumstances, I have recently been impacted with the thought expressed above, originally found in my studies of Edgar Cayce. "Mind is the Builder." A simple and impressive thought.

Often we find in studies of the human soul that we can be described with a spiritual, mental, and physical body. And thus begins our experience in mortality. But here with the phrase "The Mind is the Builder" the relationship between these bodies is presented in a striking way.

Now, I should point out the obvious routes of this thought. Our minds and intelligences are the crux of our existance, and with the power of choice the path of our lives is run. Additionally, the Mind governs the other two bodies. There is a strong emphasis in this thought that we may mentally visualize our goals to achieve them, that we are likely to walk the paths that our mind dwells upon.

However, with Mind as the Builder, there is more to be considered in extension of the thoughts above. Yes, where we dwell and how we choose issues from the activities of the Mind, but even so, the condition/shape/traits of our Spirit and Physical bodies are quite literally Built by the Mind. Our Mind imprints upon these bodies by nature, building the development of every piece.

Additionally, the Mind is a seeker of knowledge, as greater knowledge benefits the operation of decision-making. By this, I mean to say that the Mind body continually gathers information from every available source, then uses that information to build upon the individual. As such, the Mind mind acts as an organizer of these resources, shaping one's very being. Truly, Mind is the Builder.

Now, a great deal more could be discussed on this if we begin to consider the nature of each individual body, and the relationships between them that give form to our mortal existence. However, I do not intend to explore that idea here. Instead I wish to continue to expound on the thought that Mind is the Builder.

Once it is understood that the Mind has a definite effect on these bodies, even the physical body to health, illness, and capability. It can then be discussed how Mind may yet be a Builder beyond oneself. How in the same ways that the Mind builds upon one's own body, it may also produce a creative force upon materials outside our body. Our physical and spiritual environment may be impressed and built upon by the Mind just as the body is.

In this way it can be postulated that relationship, circumstance, and opportunity may be built upon by activity of the Mind. We are drawn to certain people. We are intrigued by certain events. We may draw to ourselves the building materials.

Yet, we might confront at this point the realities of misfortune, opposition, and the difficulty of building with the Mind. I will not assume that this process is one of ease, nor that we are unimpeded in our efforts by obstacles of nature and enmity. Yet still the concept is strong. The structure is divine. And the perspective provided by this simple statement can provide a new horizon of insight and discovery.

"The Mind is the Builder."

Thursday, October 06, 2005

LOST Season 2

DESMOND: Listen carefully, type in exactly what I tell you -- exactly, nothing else. 4, 8, 15... Did you hear that?
LOCKE: What?
DESMOND: What did you just put in? What number did you just put in?
DESMOND: Right, 16, 23, 42. Now press execute.
LOCKE [hesitating]: What's going to happen?
DESMOND: Just push it!
--LOST, Adrift

[Once again it is time to post. Being unable to craft my own thoughts into anything interesting, I will take the suggestion given me by Nate and post on the new season of Lost. If any of you crave any specific types of posts, give me comments below. Sometimes I need a spark to start the fire.]

The hatch is open. Walt has been kidnapped. The raft has been destroyed. Some things are beginning to make sense, while others are bringing more questions. There is a constant tension between faith and evidence. They are the survivors of flight 815. How and Why did they survive? I could expound on each character and the elements surrounding that character... but no... I'm here to throw out a few ideas concerning the newest revelations on ABC's Lost.

Orientation and Speculation
We are presented with an underground laboratory in the Dharma Project, known as location number 3, or the Swan. Obviously built in the 70's the place seems to be stocked for a lengthy existance, though was apparently designed for only two men. Inside we find one man, Desmond, a runner in a race around the globe, and an old film titled "Orientation."

Despite the aim of the film, it contains surprisingly little information. The Dharma Project is described as a scientific commune, where the researchers are able to push the bounds of known science through a variety of specialized experimentation. After this broad explination, the residents of "The Swan" are given instructions. These instructions consist entirely of entering a sequence of numbers into a computer, and pressing "Execute," every 108 minutes. The length of the task is supposed to be just over 500 days, when we assume an exchange of persons is made to relieve the previous residents.

So, it seems that a massive underground dome, stocked with food, locked from the outside world, on a remote island exists solely for the purpose of pressing that button every 108 minutes. The only explination for this activity is a vague mention of an "incident" during the Dharma Project. The obvious question is: Does the lab exists soley to prevent some catastrophy every 108 minutes, or does it exists soley to play with the minds of the inhabitants, as part of some greater experiment. The not-so-obvious question is: Why build all this on the island? There is also a vague mention of some strange elecrical phenomena on the island, accentuated with the bizaar magnetic field in the dome.

Personally, I think its a bigger experiment whose researchers have long since gone absent. I figure that para-scientific curiosity brough the Dharma Project to the island, after which all order was lost. The Swan experiment was designed to isolate the subjects, so they never really knew. I also figure that, the Swan, being site #3 (of 6 according to the film), that there are six laboratories on the island, possibly all of them different or similar in function, and also a single control lab to watch the six.

More Than One Way To Survive
On theother end of the spectrum, we have Sawyer, Jin, and Michael washing back on shore where they encounter a new community. It is my suspicion that this new community is not associated with "The Others" but rather are the other remenants of the plane crash. Of course, this group of survivors have formed a different kind of society than the first and have access to their own clues and secrets.

Given the details above, it would make sense that "the Others" have formed their own society, and are likely remenants of the old Dharma Project living in a lab somewhere.

As a note of interest, I do wonder a few things. Is the island by itself, or is it part of a small chain? The purpose of the "Numbers" is still bewildering: they've been broadcast, jinxed, used to label the hatch, used as a computer code, and they are printed on the chemical bottles Desmond was injecting into himself. I don't believe they were used as the computer code randomly, but chosen specifically. The numbers could identify a location or contain some kind of message. Why do the Others need a boy? So many questions.

I have rambled on well enough.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Free Humor

Conan: "Tonight, we're going to look ahead into the future."
Andy: "The future, Conan?"
Conan: "Yes, the future. All the way to the year 2000."
--Late Night with Conan O'Brien

The following is a short list of lines from one of my favorite comedy sketches: "In the Year 2000." Enjoy!

Michael Moore will protest the war in Iraq by going on a hunger strike. No one will notice for the first fifteen years.

Terrorism experts will reveal that dirty bombs are just regular bombs that just enjoy sleeping with high school chicks.

A strange virus will kill every man in the world except Conan O'Brien, and every woman in the world except Jennifer Lopez. The marriage will last 32 days.

Tired of being the subject of dirty limiricks, the old man from Nantucket will move to a new town called 'Coral Sex'.

Players will play, but umpires will strike leaving baseball games up to the honor system. While cheating rampantly, the Mets will still lose 100 games.

Bandits will attack Queen Elizabeth. To save her life she will have to call on the knights sworn to defend her-Elton John, Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney.

Michael Jackson's son, Prince Michael II will write a memoir in which he wistfully recalls that one glorious moment on the balcony when he nearly escaped.

We will finally learn what makes French vanilla ice cream different from regular vanilla ice cream--cowardice.

Colgate will come out with a new toothpaste that not only whitens teeth, but makes them Anglo-Saxon Protestant.

A major corporation's scheme to purify the human race is uncovered, when the operation's secret code name is revealed: Ethnic McCleansing.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Know Thyself

"Riddle me this, Batman."

The following is a list of fun tests and quizzes. I put a lot of effort into understanding the people around me on many different levels. Now it's time for you to gain some of the same insights that I exercise on a daily basis. Enjoy learning more about yourself.

What do you Dream About?

Your Ideal Suicide

Your Homicidal Rampage

Personality Rating (1-10)

What do People Really Think About You?

Your Superhero Persona

Who Will You Be Stuck With At The End of Time?

True Nature

How Do You Kiss?

Your Life: The Movie

What is Your Destiny?

Big 30

Jung Type

Leader Type

Death Test

Messiah Test

Dateable Test

Personality Disorder

The Big 5 -- Compare with your friends

Simpsons Person

Personality Defect Test

Star Wars Personality

Kingdomality -- Fun Test

Which Online Personality Test Are You?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Dreams Do Come True

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."
--Henry David Thoreau

It is my hope and purpose that this short post brings to its readers the hope for something greater, a light in the darkness, a moment of respite. Yes, indeed, after years of misery I had a good experience just yesterday, and I wish to share it with the world!

As I awoke for my thankless, soul-sucking job, the glimmer of a fading dream played itself in my mind. Apparently, in my dream, I had skipped work for the day, got plenty of sleep, and felt very satisfied with myself. I lurched myself out of bed, while the usual dread of work began to creep upon me.

And then... then there was a new mid-day dawn upon my mind... I could realize my dream. And so, I called in sick, and skipped work. I then spent the day doing laundry and cleaning and re-organizing my room... I felt satisfied and relieved. My dream had come true!

[Of course this causes me to wonder about my other dreams. There was the one where I was listening to Tyler and Jared talk about insurance sales. That was boring but totally do-able. There was the one where I went to school in my underwear... again do-able, but maybe not the best dream to use. Of course there's the one with the naked twins and that one where I battle the sea serpent... both those would take some doing. I'll keep thinking.]

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


"The rule is perfect: in all matters of opinion our adversaries are insane."
--Mark Twain

If our opinions come into conflict, that's just natural. It happens. You have every right to challenge my opinions... in fact I expect my opinions to be challenged. Truth. That's the point. Whenever my opinions are challenged I come closer to discovering truth. Whenever I hear the opinions of others, I can learn more. With as many faults as I have, I would be a far greater fool if I refused to accept any challenge to my opinions.

Case in point: The Emperor's New Clothes. Here's a guy who's opinion was never challenged. "Of course your clothes are magnificent your Majesty, who would say otherwise!" He was a fool.

As I see it, the world is built on dreams, dreams are built on opinions, opinions are built on feelings. It is wonderful to ACT and to DO, and this can be considered superficial, unless you begin to ask, "Why?" To act without purpose is pointless.

If we fail to challenge our opinions, we fail to strengthen our sense of truth and purpose. If we fail to observe the opinions of others we fail to understand our community, we fail to connect, and our action have no purpose beyond ourselves.